Range Extender : Setrans Unique Solution

With the Setrans Range Extender the subscriber will be able to achieve optimum vehicle performance and travel Extra Range without any stress of Downtime, charging duration, labour effort and abusing the primary battery pack of vehicle.

In an EV the most Expensive part is the primary battery pack and with time as the battery ages in the vehicle the efficiency decreases leading to a short Ranged and low Power delivery vehicle including Rapid Charging Intervals, further increasing the total Downtime intervals and at last battery replacement cost is very expensive.

Range Extender Services are Universally applicable forth Energising most electric vehicle with on demand charging solutions.

Range Extenders will be available on lease basis to all the subscribers (price Inclusive) for extending their overall battery range via On Board Energy Refuelling Bank.

There is customer flexibility whilst installing Range Extender attachments in accordance to the Vehicle, as well providing multiple smart battery Add on, for increasing the total Energy storage capacity.

Our Arsenal currently comprises of (1,2 & 4) KWH of Smart Battery options meeting demands of intrigued customer base.