DC to DC Charging

The DC to DC charging using battery as energy storage in tropical climate is a great challenge. Setrans Mobility uses fireproof flameproof, blast proof, zero emission SODIUM SALT BATTERY authorised and licensed by FIAMM SONICK, Switzerland.

Due to this rapid discharging & charging, huge cycle losses & premature end of life for batteries will happen. A situation of high temperature is very frequent and dominant in India, which can lead to catastrophic disasters in Lithium-ion Batteries as well. The control electronics and arrangements make the product very expensive and non-viable due to multiple limitations.

These batteries are preferred over LiFePO4 Batteries for the reasons of their superiorities in

  • Temperature Immunity
    (-40 + +60'C)
  • Cycling Capability
    5000 cycle (80% DOD)
  • Long Life (low degradation)
  • Batttery energy density
  • sheilf life
    (20 years)
  • Not re-usable on different applications (theft deterrent)
  • Intrinsically safe
  • No gas emissions
  • No flammable Materials
  • No fire/water flood reaction
  • Tested in the field
  • BMS control
  • Cell/Battery Mechanical case
Zero Impact Battery
  • No Dangerous emissions
  • 100% recycable
  • No gas emissions
  • No pollution materials
  • No valuable resalable

The Solution is targeted for off grid charging, with 100% Fire & Blast safety and charging possibility on low power. The Unit shall be able to offer 2-3 discharge per day in all environmental conditions

Environ Temperature Range - 40 to +60 °C (-40 to 140°F)

Making it the Best Choice for In Building Solutions for EV Charging