We, at Setrans Mobility Private Limited Enables Electric Vehicle with Smart Energy Management for the category of 2 Wheeler such as scooter & motorcycle, 3 Wheeler such as Auto & E Rickshaw and 4 Wheeler such as Car, Material handling vehicles and Light Trucks. We provide solutions for intrigued consumers to solve major EV issues like

  • Range Anxiety
  • Extreme waiting hours while recharging battery
  • Fast charging outlets damaging the batteries due to harsh charging conditions and ratings
  • Battery short life & Repeat CAPEX.

Whereas Setrans Mobility fortes in providing optimum and moderate charging and charging at your doorstep as if you have rented the whole charging station at your bay with swappable smart battery packs to refill your battery range in a gist. These mobile charging stations and smart battery pack solutions have been simulated and tested to operate in any given condition and location such as Highways, residential societies, parking areas, hotels, shopping complex, Semi-Urban and Rural India.

We here at Setrans Mobility virtue for the Environment and have our core values to initiate and compel for a Green Energy and Healthy Environment for the future and Keep the Blue Planet alive.

At Setrans Mobility we are a team of Alumnus Individuals and Mentors from every Prestige University of India and Expedite engineers synthesising in harmony.

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